Order of the Purple Cross - Australian Animal Award

In 1993, an unusual award was established in Australia - the Order of the Purple Cross. It is interesting that animals are awarded this award, but only those who have shown courage and resourcefulness in saving people. This unusual award was initiated by the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals.

Soon the first hero appeared, who was recognized as worthy of this order. A terrier named Fizeau boldly entered into battle with one of the most poisonous snakes in Australia - Gunther's cobra, or, as it is also called, a brown snake. The brave dog saved the lives of four children, but he almost died. Fizeau bit the snake, receiving several bites. Veterinarians fought for the life of a terrier hero for a long time, only six months later

Fizeau finally recovered from the effects of the fight with the brown snake.

Then members of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals began archival searches, collecting information about the heroes of days gone by. The second Knight of the Order was Murphy's donkey, who performed his feats during the First World War. Murphy won the title of the bravest donkey in the world for a reason: he transported more than 300 Australian soldiers from the front line to the hospital. His name is known, perhaps, to every Australian; several sculptures in his honor are installed on the Green Continent.

The animal defenders did not stop there: they found information that in the distant 1854 in Eurika Stokada, 30 miners died in the rubble, and with them the Pikimen terrier. He was also considered worthy of the Purple Cross award.

But, as it turned out, four-legged heroes today often save people, therefore, the list of awardees is replenished not only as a result of searches in the archives. In 1997, one of the older Australians felt ill - a heart attack. None of the relatives were around, only the dog Boots was spinning around the owner.

The old man had no choice but to write a few words about his trouble and put a note in the collar. It may seem incredible, but Boots rushed straight to the hospital and attracted the attention of doctors with a loud bark. As it turned out later, the owner was saved only thanks to the resourceful dog.

It is believed that dogs of the Rottweiler breed, with the wrong upbringing, can grow up very aggressive towards people, including children. Probably a Rottweiler named Tak got a good upbringing. He, along with the Staffordshire Terrier Mack, rushed to save the child who fell into the pond. Even having pulled the baby out of the water, the dogs did not leave him alone, began to bark loudly until the boy's parents came running.

Several years ago, a two-year-old child disappeared in Australia, who was found only 14 hours later.

The naughty kid left home as much as 4 kilometers and survived only thanks to a German shepherd named Desher. The dog protected the boy all this time, and at night he warmed him with his warmth. Doctors found numerous cuts from stones and thorns on the boy's legs. The faithful dog even tried to provide first aid, licking his wounds with his tongue.

Probably, a similar award could have been instituted in our country. Do not think that animal heroes live only in distant Australia. For example, in Krasnoyarsk, a small child fell into a pond through fragile ice. The mongrel Naida saved his life, raising such a bark that the communal workers who worked nearby came running.