Bertie is the world's fastest turtle

Statistics knows everything. At least, this is what the famous Soviet writers Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov assured. But, the famous Guinness Book of Records knows, perhaps, no less. For example, she knows exactly which of the turtles is the fastest in the world. This honor was given to a turtle named Bertie. The record holder lives in the UK, its owners are Marco and Janine Calzini, owners of an amusement park in the town of Durham in the north-east of England.

Several years ago, the couple decided to open this unusual park. To attract visitors, about two hundred exotic animals were purchased, including a pair of turtles - male Bertie and female Shelly. The owners of the park did not even suspect that it was thanks to Bertie that they would become famous all over the world. The owners just noticed that Bertie was incredibly fast "running" to the bowl of food, demonstrating, by snail standards, phenomenal speed.

The Calzini couple realized that this playful turtle could be an excellent advertisement for their establishment, therefore, they decided to find out - who is the world record holder in speed racing among turtles? It was then that they decided to turn to the famous Guinness Book of Records, which knows everything, no worse than any statistics. It turned out that the world record among turtles was set a very long time ago, back in 1971. By the way, also in the UK. Turtle Charlie developed a speed of 0, 125 meters per second. That is, in an hour the animal could move 450 meters.

To the surprise of Marco and Janine, their pet easily beat the result of the distant seventies. Bertie accelerated to a speed of about one kilometer per hour, which is more than twice as fast as the last record. It was then that the idea came to include Bertie in the list of Guinness Book record holders. The new record holder did not disappoint, having covered a distance of 5, 48 meters in 19, 59 seconds. With this speed, Bertie could have covered the classic 100m in six minutes. For a man, the result is ridiculous, but for a tortoise, speed is at the level of the legendary sprinter Usain Bolt. By the way, this is what Bertie the turtle is sometimes called.

The joyful owners of the turtle have built a new house for Bertie, where he lives with his friend Shelley. And in front of the house there is a certificate confirming that Bertie is not an ordinary turtle, but a world record holder. The owners are proud of their pet, however, they assure that the best reward for Bertie is not medals and certificates, but an ordinary strawberry, which he is fed with before the start. For a record holder, this is the best doping.

The fame of the sprinter turtle is so great that the animal is a regular character in many computer games.