Why do flies wash their paws

You have probably seen how flies, landing on any surface, begin to rub their paws. Why are they doing that? In fact, flies clean their paws of dirt like this ...

It turns out that tiny hairs resembling bristles are located between the claws of each paw. Each of these hairs has a tiny suction cup that resembles a disc. Fat is released from this disc, due to which the hairs and the surface on which the fly is currently located are sticking together. It could even be glass.

Of course, when a fly crawls on various surfaces, dirt collects on the sticky pads and bristles of its legs. So that the grip of the paws with the surface during crawling does not deteriorate because of this, the fly regularly "toilet" all six paws, clearing them of adhering particles of debris.

If you degrease the paws, then the diptera simply cannot sit on glass or any other slippery surface.

Fly's foot under a microscope

Did you know that ... The fly's legs also have short bristles - the organs of touch and taste. That is, the fly tastes first of all ... with its feet, and only then with its proboscis and sucking blades! Moreover, a fly is 100-200 times better at analyzing food with its feet than a person with its tongue.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that flies are carriers of all kinds of diseases, so if they start in your apartment, get rid of them faster. They cannot bring anything good.