Who has how many teeth?

Snail teeth snapshot

Many people think that the more "teeth" the animal is, the more dangerous it is for humans. But quite harmless snails and slugs have the largest number of teeth. How many teeth does a snail have and why does it have so many?

Biologists have calculated that in the mouth (or rather, on the chitinous ribbon-tongue) of an ordinary garden snail there are 135 rows of the smallest teeth, 105 pieces in each of them. That is, the total number of snail teeth is 14, 175!

The dental system of the snail is a tongue with a fine grater called a radula, thanks to which the snail scrapes and effectively grinds the plant food consumed. And the slug has even more teeth - up to 30 thousand. He is rightfully considered the record holder for "toothiness" among all creatures.

In the mouth of a huge whale shark there are up to 15 thousand teeth, but the shark uses them not for chewing, but for locking food in the mouth.

Shark and snail teeth are constantly renewed.

The most bloodthirsty predators have teeth in the mouth a thousand times less than that of a harmless snail. A cat and all felines (lions, tigers, etc.) have only 30 teeth in their mouths, while dogs, wolves and foxes have 42.

And the recognized rodents of the animal world - the hare and the squirrel - have teeth in the mouth of 28 and 22, respectively.

Of course, when we talk about the number of teeth in any representative of the fauna, we mean an adult animal.