Leaky cows

Probably, many faint-hearted people were shocked that people who are very sick, who need constant intravenous injections, so that every time the vein is not picked with a needle, a plastic port is inserted into it, through which then everything that is needed is injected. But compared to fistulation / cannulation of cow stomachs, these ports are child's play!

Milk yield and the amount of meat are important to all of us. It is beneficial for the cow to bring as much meat and milk as possible, and the meat and milk should be of the best quality. How can this be achieved? It is necessary to somehow vary the feed and feed additives. But how? The cow's stomach is very complex. He is able to digest not only grain, but also straw, silage and more. Moreover, one of the products of such processing is cow's milk, which we all drink. And whoever does not drink milk puts sour cream in dumplings, improves health with kifir or eats cheese. Also dairy products. However, there is one "but". Have you tried fresh milk from a cow that grazes in a wild meadow and eats everything that she has to her cow taste? If yes, then you know what a creepy swill it is, which is impossible to drink, because it has a very unpleasant aromatic bouquet that will not be to the taste of someone who has not been accustomed to it since childhood. Even if such milk is pasteurized, separated and processed in other ways, some of the odors will remain and leave the milk still unsuitable for urban consumption. It's the same story with meat.

To get as much benefit from the cow as possible, it must be fed as properly as possible. And just for this, a plastic port with a diameter of the thickness of an adult's hand - a fistula, or cannula - is introduced into the first section of a multi-chamber cow's stomach.

Through this hole in the side, veterinarians, zoologists, livestock specialists and animal nutrition specialists monitor the cow's digestion, take analyzes of semi-digested feed, add various enzymes and vitamins. If the cow has eaten something wrong, the inappropriate eaten can be removed through the same hole. A cow easily lives with a cork-plugged hole in its side all its animal life.

But we must admit that it all looks murderous.