Interesting facts about the German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog was obtained through the selection and crossing of several varieties of herd dogs in Central and Southern Germany.

The breed owes its official birth to the efforts of the founders of the German Shepherd Dog Club (German Verein fur Deutsche Schäferhunde, or SV), headed by Captain Max von Stefanitz

It was originally used to guard herds as a herding dog. and in the definition of the German shepherd dog, as a breed, it sounded: "A German shepherd dog is considered any herding dog that lives in Germany, which, thanks to constant training of its qualities as a herding dog, achieves bodily and mental perfection within the framework of its utilitarian function."

The first representative of the German Shepherd as a breed - the off-white Greif color - was shown at an exhibition in Hanover in 1882.

The First World War pushed the German Shepherd, literally and figuratively, to the forefront. An irreplaceable assistant to the military, she began to prevail in the nurseries of both the German army and the troops of its allies, and the armies of the Entente.

The German Shepherd is one of the three smartest breeds by Dr. Stanley Koren, professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

The German Shepherd is versatile. She can equally well serve as a companion dog, guard, protective, detective, service and guard dog. It is successfully used in animal husbandry as a herding dog. More often than other breeds, it is used in the army, in the police, for the protection of state borders.

According to some reports, the German Shepherd is not a monogamous dog and quickly gets used to a new owner, but ... personally, I do not believe in it. For example, in the city of Togliatti, a Monument of Devotion was erected - a monument to a dog that patiently waited for its owners for 7 years. The dog was a German shepherd dog.