The biggest cat

Roger Dejajne, a former Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) employee in Chalk River, Canada, can now build a successful cat breeding career as he can be said to have developed a new breed of giant sized domestic cats.

It was like this ... About 15 years ago, Roger discovered two stray kittens near one of the old buildings of the abandoned AECL laboratory in Chalk River. With his tuna sandwich, Roger managed to persuade the kittens to come closer to take them home, as he knew how inhumanely trapped stray animals were disposed of in the area. In the evening, Roger, along with his wife Louise and the children, decided to keep the kittens, one of which turned out to be a boy and the other a girl. Names were given to Lost and Found. After 6 years, this couple - "Lost and Found" - had their offspring, one of which was a female white kitten with original black spots on the back and neck. Somehow this kitten touched the hearts of the household and they decided to keep it for themselves, while his brothers and sisters eventually found a home in other families. The kitten was named Snowball.

Snezhka is now 9 years old and the cat really looks like a big snowball, as it is 69 cm long from nose to tail and weighs 87 pounds (about 40 kg).

"Snowball was a big kitten from the start and continued to grow, constantly demanding supplementation and effortlessly crawling into unlocked food cabinets on her own. Chicken was her favorite treat. She once stole and ate a chicken I had prepared for a picnic, which I accidentally left unattended for a minute ", " Louise recalls.

So what is this giant cat eating now? Snowball consumes about 3 kg of cat food a day, along with boiled chicken, with the addition of deer or elk meat, which Roger brings from hunting. Snowball loves pikes and often accompanies Roger on a fishing trip, eagerly looking over the side of the boat whenever his hook is tight.

What is the reason for such an incredible feline size? Veterinarians unanimously confirm that this cat is not fat, but just really big. Perhaps this is due to certain changes in the thyroid gland, which was passed on to Snowball from his parents, who probably received some radiation on the territory of an abandoned laboratory.