Interesting facts about dust mites

The average size of a household dust mite is 0.2 mm. About 3 pliers could fit at the point we will put at the end of this sentence.

Dust mites can be found in every home. These arachnids live in mattresses and carpets and feed on dead skin particles, which a person loses annually in the amount of 350-400 g. To date, about 150 species of mites have been found in house dust. They are called dermatophagoid or pyroglyphid mites.

Partially digested food from household dust mites and fecal debris are among the most significant sources of allergens causing allergic asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and dermatitis. Dust mites cause 25% of all allergies, 50% of all asthmatic diseases.

Household dust mites live for about four months. During this time, the mite produces 200 times its own weight and lays up to 300 eggs.

Bleach and strong soap will not kill dust mites, but temperatures over 60 degrees Celsius for one hour will kill them.