Interesting Geese Facts

A flock of geese flies in the form of a wedge. This form doubles the flight range of the flock. When the leading goose gets tired, another goose takes his place. Geese have a strong affection for others in their group. If a goose gets sick or injured, several other geese may come out of the wedge to help and protect it.

Geese mate at the age of three and remain monogamous throughout their lives. If one of the couple dies, then the goose (goose) grieves for several years before choosing a new mate or may even be left alone.

The goose builds a nest by plucking feathers from its body. Whenever she leaves the nest, she disguises it with branches and leaves. During this time, the male goose will stand somewhere nearby to keep an eye on it, but not too close so as not to betray the location of the nest for predators.

The average life span of geese is about 25 years.

A day after birth, the goslings are already swimming with might and main.

Once a year, adult geese begin to molt and are unable to fly for 6 weeks. At this time, they settle near water bodies in order to swim away from the predator in case of danger.

Geese use about 10 different sounds to communicate, depending on the situation.