Strange facts about watchdog snakes and governess

In Sydney, many shops are guarded by snake guards. The thief, cleverly wielding a master key, climbs into an unprotected store. And suddenly something wraps around his legs, does not allow him to budge. Snake! Many shopkeepers are willing to use the services of trained guard snakes.

Like other store employees, "watchmen" are paid a salary. But it is, of course, not the snakes themselves who receive it, but their master trainer.

In Brazil, there are boas governesses. In the houses of the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro and in the cottages of the mountain resort of Petropolis, you can see tame royal boas. This unusual pet has saved the lives of thousands of people in Brazil, mainly children. The fact is that poisonous snakes, and there are a great many of them in the country, prefer to stay as far as possible from those places where the boa constrictor lives. He is very attached to children and invariably accompanies them on a walk and during games, protecting the kids from the attack of poisonous snakes. A boa constrictor protects a person even in cases when it is impossible to quickly get a saving serum against snake bites.

For the full characterization of this unusual governess, it should be added that she is very clean, her skin is always dry and clean. The animal is very undemanding and eats once every two, and sometimes even four months. The annual diet of a boa constrictor is no more than five rabbits.