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  1. The biceps brachii, more commonly known as the biceps, is perhaps one of the main signs of being "bulky" in a man. Many novice athletes strive to increase the volume of this particular muscle as quickly as possible. And, meanwhile, in a person of ordinary build, the weight of the biceps muscle is only 300-400 g. And in volume - just over 30 cm. Although, some bodybuilders achieve impressive sizes. Sometimes - to the detriment of their own health.
  2. US bodybuilder Greg Valentino has increased his biceps to 53 centimeters in ten years of "clean" training. The result is excellent, but Greg felt that this was not enough. He began to take steroids, after which the athlete's biceps became huge - 71 cm. It all ended sadly - his famous "superbiceps" tore the skin, which led to infection. Greg's life was saved, but now his hands are "decorated" with numerous scars, and there is no trace of the former volumes.
  3. Texas resident Frank Staples also dreamed of powerful, sculpted biceps, but going to the gym was problematic for him, Frank was serving time in a local prison. Then he began to regularly visit the prison library, and, moreover, he chose only the most impressive volumes of encyclopedias. It turned out that he not only reads books, but also uses them as dumbbells, wrapping several volumes in a pillowcase. Six months later, the first results appeared: Frank Staples, as a result of hard training, became smarter and stronger.
  4. As a child, American Larry Scott was incredibly complex due to his thinness. The teenager was especially embarrassed by his thin arms, the volume of the biceps on which did not even reach the average - only 28 centimeters. Through persistent training, the guy was able to pump them up to 54 centimeters, and in 1965 and 1966. won the title "Mr. Olympia".
  5. It should be remembered that huge biceps are not always an indicator of heroic strength. The opposite is often the case. For example, the famous Russian athlete Sergei Eliseev was rightfully considered one of the strongest people in the world in the late 19th - early 20th centuries. At the same time, his biceps did not strike with volume - only 42 centimeters.
  6. The biceps consists of two heads - long and short. With the help of this muscle, a person can bend the arm at the shoulder and elbow joint. Accordingly, when flexing with weights, the biceps begins to increase in volume. No wonder Sylvester Stalone said: "Nothing will make you feel stronger than powerful biceps, and nothing develops biceps better than curls with a barbell."
  7. Russian Denis Cyplenkov managed to bend his arms with a barbell weighing 160 kg. Although these exercises help the growth of the biceps, they are dangerous for poorly trained athletes and can result in serious injury, and sometimes lead to disability.
  8. In order to learn how to pull up well on the horizontal bar, you need to work on the biceps. Like, for example, Mark Jordan from Texas, who was able to pull up 4321 times during the day. At the same time, the record holder is far from young - at the time of setting the record, in 2015, he turned 54.