Why do chicks appear on my hands?

With the onset of the cold season, many notice that the skin on their hands begins to crack, and any contact with water becomes painful. There are many reasons for the development of the disease. Often, the disease develops due to the fact that the delicate skin of the hands is improperly looked after, it also contributes to the occurrence of pimples and a variety of allergic reactions.

Why chicks appear

As a rule, hand pimples appear in winter or autumn, when temperatures below freezing are set outside. Often, one thing contributes to the other. Even mittens and gloves cannot always help prevent their occurrence. The fact is that the fat layer on the hands is very small. Therefore, the skin dries out very easily, which leads to the formation of peeling and to the appearance of small wounds.

There are a number of triggers associated with pimples:

  • Propensity to allergic reactions (cold allergy);
  • Inadequate or lack of hand care;
  • Features of the skin of the hands, such as very thin skin prone to irritation;
  • Reaction to contact with household chemicals.

Most often, pimples appear in people who are sensitive. In addition, the intake of hormonal drugs, changes in the level of hormones in women, vitamin deficiency, also act as provoking factors.

Main symptoms of pimples

The appearance of pimples on the hands is accompanied by characteristic symptoms. At the initial stage, there is a slight swelling, which is accompanied by edema in the area of ​​the hands. Then cracks appear, the patient is worried about itching. However, similar symptoms are common in other skin conditions, such as scabies. If these are really pimples, then you need to start treating them.

This pathology can lead to serious health problems. Since small cracks contribute to the penetration of a variety of pathogenic microbes into the body. Therefore, there is a risk of complications. If you start the disease, then a purulent process may begin. In this case, you will have to be treated seriously and for a long time.

How are hand pimples treated

When treating any disease, you should not self-medicate, you should visit a doctor and adhere to the prescribed course of therapy. In order to get rid of pimples, it is imperative to wear mittens or gloves in winter. Before going outside, apply a nourishing cream to your brushes. If your skin is sensitive, you should not wear woolen mittens, as this material can provoke irritation. This will only make the situation worse.

The most common mistake is trying to warm your hands in warm water. It also contributes to the appearance of pimples. You just need to stay warm and gently rub your hands. It is also recommended to use baby cream. Common petroleum jelly, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, has proven itself well.

Household chemicals - provoking factor of chicks

Many housewives do not consider it necessary to use rubber gloves when washing dishes or when washing clothes. Contact with detergents leads to the fact that the skin of the hands becomes very dry and begins to crack. Therefore, when doing your homework, be sure to use gloves. Well-proven rubber and latex gloves, which can be purchased at any store.

You can combine homework with river skin care. You need to apply a nourishing cream and then put on gloves. Do not use very aggressive household chemicals. It can be replaced with folk remedies such as dry mustard or plain soap.

Pimples with a lack of vitamins

Frequent diets can lead to the development of vitamin deficiency. A similar condition occurs quite often in the spring, when the body lacks vitamins. Therefore, you should carefully consider your own diet. It is very important that it contains foods rich in vitamins A and E.

Especially in winter, you need to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Salads from boiled vegetables, which are seasoned with vegetable oil, will be useful. It is also worth adding kefir and other fermented milk products to your diet.

Emergence of pimples due to hormonal imbalance

Women very often face this problem. In this situation, consultation with a doctor will be required. It is advisable to undergo a full examination at the antenatal clinic, as well as visit an endocrinologist. In the event that the use of creams and traditional medicine does not help, and the disease begins to progress, then you must definitely contact a dermatologist.

It is worth undergoing an examination and finding out the cause of the deterioration of the skin condition. Do not forget that any disease is well treated only at the initial stage, in a neglected state it easily turns into a chronic form.