Hockey superstitions

Hockey fans, of course, have noticed that by the end of the season, many players grow beards. They are convinced that shaving on the eve of important matches is a bad omen. And the hockey players from the New York Islanders introduced this tradition. It's hard to say how great the beard is, but they won the Stanley Cup 4 times in a row. But this is far from the only superstition of hockey players.

For example, almost a hundred years ago, in the twenties of the last century, the Ottawa Senators goalkeeper Clint Benedict hung a horseshoe from his goal net, believing that it would bring good luck.

Canadian striker John Madden has played more than 200 games in the NHL, while strictly observing the rule: he changed his laces after each period.

The legendary forward of "Chicago" Stan Mikita smoked a cigarette before the match, and threw the cigarette butt over his left shoulder. Five-time Stanley Cup winner Guy Lafleur also smoked before the match, and certainly menthol cigarettes.

Overseas professionals are reluctant to take a sweater with number 13. True, Russian legionnaires take this calmly: Valery Kamensky, Pavel Datsyuk, Vyacheslav Kozlov, Alexey Zhamnov went on the ice at number 13.

In 1995, Florida Panthers captain Scott Mellanby killed a rat that ran into the locker room before a match. And leaving for the match, he scored 2 goals. Since then, the fans of the club have developed a tradition: after each abandoned puck, plastic and plush rats flew onto the ice. Even the NHL leadership had to intervene, ice removal took a lot of time.

Goalkeeper Patrick Roy talked to the posts of his goal during the match. Perhaps it was they who helped him set a record: Patrick did not concede an own goal in 23 Stanley Cup matches. Until one of the NHL goalkeepers was able to repeat this achievement.

Slovakian national team player Martin Strbak once admitted in an interview that in his country, some clubs even fined players who are not serious about omens. Moreover, the amount of the fine is quite impressive.

Wayne Gretzky has collected so many titles that he might not even think about superstition. But, "Great Wayne" was very respectful of omens: for example, before going to the playground he sprinkled his golf club with baby powder. During the warm-up, he always made the first shot from the right side of the goal. Never had my hair cut before away matches. Maybe that's why he became great?

Perhaps only Marc Bergevin, who was considered the funniest player in the NHL, could joke about superstition. He once stated that listening to the national anthem before a game is a bad omen. “That's why I play so badly, ” added the hockey player. Mark's other joke is also popular among hockey players. Talking about his childhood, he remembered that there was a trash can in the corner of the rink. "This tank scored more pucks than I did, " admitted the merry fellow.