Interesting facts about sleepwalkers

It is more correct to call this phenomenon - somnambulism, it comes from the Latin words sleep - somnus and I go - ambulo. And the word "lunatic" comes from the Latin lunaticus - insane, and not at all from the word Luna.

Sleepwalking is often associated with the influence of the moon on a person, hence the name "sleepwalking". But there is no scientifically proven evidence for this. “A person, without knowing it, is very dependent on the energy of the Moon, especially when it comes to the full moon and perigee - the point at which the Moon is as close as possible to the Earth.

Sleepwalking usually occurs during incomplete awakening from a deep phase of slow wave sleep, while the brain is in a state of half-sleep-half-wakefulness. The sleepwalker's eyes are usually open. Previously, it was believed that a sleepwalker (somnambulist) is dreaming and doing what he dreams, but research has not confirmed this.

During this period, a person is in a state of altered consciousness, similar to a hypnotic one. It is manifested by a decrease or absence of skin sensitivity, increased excitability of some sense organs and the subject's susceptibility to suggestion.

About 40% of sleepwalkers, due to uncontrolled actions during sleep, inflict physical damage to themselves of varying degrees.

About 2% of all people sleepwalk from time to time. Sleepwalking is quite common in children, but usually disappears with age. Like nighttime fears, episodes of sleepwalking more often occur during periods of stress and anxiety, while mentally children are completely healthy. In adults, sleepwalking requires more serious attention. It can be caused by stress, anxiety, and sometimes epilepsy.

Sexomnia is a mental disorder in which a person has sex or other sexual activity while sleeping. Sexomnia is considered a variation of sleepwalking.

In the Middle Ages, sleepwalking disease was carefully hidden from the public, relatives and friends of the patient feared persecution from the Inquisition. The existing instruction "Hammer of Witches" considered lunatics as possessed by evil spirits, and recommended that they be executed by fire or drowning.

A number of various experiments carried out on people suffering from sleepwalking have shown that this disease is genetically determined. That is, if you have lunatics in your family, then you can become a somnambulist.