7 revered world relics

The Turin shroud with the imprints of the face and body of Jesus Christ is the most popular Christian relic. According to legend, the body of Jesus Christ was wrapped in it after the crucifixion. From year to year, crowds of pilgrims flock to Turin to see the shroud with their own eyes.

The tunic of the Virgin Mary is located in France in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres. This relic has an interesting history. She came to Jerusalem in 876 after the campaign of the crusaders. Later, the cathedral, where the tunic was located, burned down, but Mary's sacred clothing remained unharmed. After the restoration, lightning hit the cathedral, but even then the tunic survived in one of the caches. Then it was decided to transport her to France. After the Second World War, the entire city of Chartres was destroyed, but neither the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, nor the relic in it was damaged.

The blood of Saint Januarius is a Catholic relic stored in the Cathedral of Naples. Twice a year a miracle happens to her: the dried blood "comes to life" - it becomes liquid and begins to boil. There is a legend that if the blood does not "wake up", the city will be in danger. Indeed, in 1527, when the blood in the vessel remained dry, Naples was engulfed in a plague epidemic. And in 1980 there was an earthquake in the city.

The head of the prophet John the Baptist is the most controversial relic: no one knows exactly where it is. Muslims claim that the head is kept in the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, Christians are sure that the relic is in Rome in the Church of San Silvestro. According to other sources, John's head was buried either in Turkey or in France.

The hair from the beard of the Prophet Muhammad is the most revered relic of Muslims. There are only three such relics in the world: one is in the Istanbul Tonkapa Palace Museum; the other is in the Khazratbal Mosque, and the third, imagine, in the Tyumen Regional Museum of the City Duma. She came to the Tyumen Territory in the 19th century, thanks to a merchant who bought the shrine for a lot of money.

Prophet Muhammad's footprint. According to the legend, the prophet made a trip to heaven, pushing off with his foot from a rock. The footprint remained on the stone, and the fragment of the rock is now kept in the Qubbat al-Sahra (Dome of the Rock) mosque in Jerusalem. Similar relics can be found in India in the largest Jama Masjid mosque and in Jami Al-Kadam (Foot Mosque) in Damascus.

The Buddha's Tooth is the most famous relic of Buddhism. It is located in the Dalada Maligawa Temple in the city of Kandy (Sri Lanka). According to legend, a tooth was pulled out of a funeral pyre when the body of the Enlightened One was burned. The relic is kept in seven caskets, nested one inside the other. It is believed that the person who owns this relic has full power. They often tried to destroy the relic, but to no avail.