Khanuma's Diamond Tears

A little girl named Khanuma lives in Pakistan (according to other sources Fatima), who, thanks to her tears, became known all over the world. Official authorities do not provide information about Khanum, fearing for her fate. From birth to her first acquaintance with raw onions, Khanuma did not shed a tear: cheerful and lively, she had no reason to cry. And when one day, helping her mother, she suddenly cried over a peeled onion, the parents literally were dumbfounded: tears, hard, like rice grains, literally fell from the girl's eyes, but literally fell. Frightened by the intrigues of the shaitan, the father and mother vowed not to tell anyone about the misfortune that had happened.

Parents were silent for many years. His father, a jeweler by profession, began to study the tears of Khanuma. The man soon discovered that they were quite hard, easy to cut and perfectly transparent. In addition, they play in the sun and give a brilliance that not every diamond is capable of. The tears went into action.

Decorations made from them were in great demand. Father kept the secret as best he could, until the tears fell into the hands of an inquisitive person, who determined that "brilliantine of organic origin" is nothing more than plastic obtained by an unknown method.

Scientists who still cannot solve the mystery of Khanuma's tears learned about the phenomenal case. The girl says that tears do not bother her, they harden only on the eyelashes, but they do not stick either to them or to the skin and do not harm her eyesight at all. And the girl cries only from onions.