Interesting facts about the ghost of the white lady

Olshansky Castle is an ancient fortress in the town of Golshany, Grodno region in the north-west of Belarus. According to legend, it was founded at the beginning of the 13th century by Prince Golsha. The Black Castle has seen a lot of blood and changed owners a lot, for some time its owner was the Sapieha clan. It is with the Olshansky castle that the legend about an innocently murdered girl, who still cannot find peace, is associated.

In 1618, during the construction of the monastery on the territory of the castle, one of the walls constantly collapsed. Then Sapega threatened to leave the builders without payment. The masons went to the wise men, who said that a woman should be walled up in the wall and the wall would stop collapsing. The builders decided whose wife would come first, and they would walled up. The young wife of one of the workers came first and brought him lunch ... The body of the unfortunate woman was left to plug a hole in the wall. The wall calmed down ... Since then, many have seen a young girl in white walking around the castle. This was the same young wife who was killed by the builders.

There are more than enough stories about modern meetings with the White Lady. The director of the National Museum of Art, Cheslava Akulevich, with whom Cosmopoisk met, not only trusts the rumors about the Lady, but she herself has repeatedly witnessed her appearances: “I also did not believe at first, until a few years ago I saw it myself., suddenly a gray translucent hand grows out of the wall and presses the light switch! " After sunset, none of the workers wants to stay on the territory of the museum complex, and the night watchmen can stand no more than a month and quit.

In 1997, when clearing the temple basement, two workers found the skeleton of a girl in a strange position - half-sitting, feet under the wall ... The builders heard about the spell and decided to bury it. We turned to church, they refused to perform the funeral service for the body. They buried them themselves, took the bones to the cemetery in a box and buried them, they thought the priests would later rest their souls ... But they did not rest them, but lost their place. Both builders who buried the bones themselves soon, literally within a few weeks or months, died of unexplained reasons. And besides them, no one knew the exact place ... After a while, the wall of the temple complex began to crack ... The arrival of an expedition of ufologists in search of the ghost of a white lady did not lead to anything. The ghost did not appear for viewing by bespectacled people with a bunch of equipment for fixing anomalous phenomena.