Interesting about vampires

According to popular beliefs, a vampire is a person who does not die, "undead", a corpse that rises from the grave at night and drinks human blood to maintain its existence. The vampire must return to the grave at dawn because the sun will kill him.

Various methods have been used to defend against vampires. In order to kill a vampire, you need to drive an aspen stake into his heart, and put his body on fire. An interesting fact about the Vamirs is that until 1823 this was a common practice in England. In Romania, hot ovens were often used. The vampire's body was to be burned and reburied at a crossroads.

In Eastern Europe, vampires were believed to be afraid of garlic. Garlic often hung from doors and windows to keep vampires out, and people rubbed animals with it. Anyone who didn't like garlic was suspected of being a vampire.

The thorns of the wild roses hold back the vampires. An interesting fact, vampires obsessively like to count everything, they often scattered poppies around the cemeteries so that when the vampire wakes up, he would spend time counting and was forced to return to the grave at dawn.

Vampires dislike mirrors and silver, so silver crosses or symbols were often hung in dwellings for protection.