Interesting facts about the Order of Lenin

To establish an award in memory of the leader of the world proletariat was proposed in 1926 by N.V. Levichev, head of the main department of the Red Army. The order was supposed to be awarded to the heroes of military operations, who already had 4 Orders of the Red Banner. And it was supposed to be called "Order of Ilyich". But the idea did not receive support - the Civil War had already ended by that time, so it was assumed that the country's highest award should have been received not only by the military, but also by civilians.

The Order of Lenin was established 4 years later - on April 6, 1930. Of the many sketches proposed, the best project was recognized by the artist I. I. Dubasov - a portrait of Lenin framed by ears of wheat.

As soon as the award was established, a number of Komsomol organizations of the USSR came up with the initiative to present the order with No. 1 to the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, which was celebrating its 5th anniversary at that time. The proposal of the Soviet youth was satisfied, on May 23 the newspaper received a high award.

Many Soviet military leaders and prominent statesmen received the Order of Lenin on several occasions. Most often, 11 times, NS Patolichev and D. F Ustinov were awarded. Over the years of the USSR, more than 430, 000 awards have taken place.

Already on February 8, 1931, the first foreigner received the Order of Lenin. The recipient of the highest award of the USSR was the German Johann Georg Liebhard, an engineer who worked in our country in the coal industry.

A pioneer from Tajikistan Mamlakat Nakhaganova distinguished herself in the cotton harvest in 1935. An 11-year-old schoolgirl collected up to 80 kg per day, instead of 13 at the norm. Mamlakat became the youngest holder of the Order of Lenin. And the oldest recipient was the composer S. F. Lyudkevich, who received the award in 1979, a week after his 100th birthday.

In January 1933, the Soviet balloon "Osoaviakhim-1" crashed, crashing on the territory of Mordovia. Crew members P. Fedoseenko, A. Vasenko and I. Usyskin were the first to be awarded the Order of Lenin posthumously.

The Order of Lenin was awarded to all 15 Soviet republics, as well as more than 100 regions.

With the collapse of the USSR, the awarding of the Order of Lenin also ceased. On December 21, 1991, the last award was received by Ya. Ya. Mul, the director of a brick factory from the Novosibirsk region.

Concluding the story about the award that received the name of Lenin, it will be interesting to know: what was Ilyich himself awarded with? He only had the Order of the Khorezm People's Socialist Republic, which Lenin received in 1922.