Thanks to Comrade Stalin for our happy childhood

1936 year. Kremlin. The delegation of the Buryats of Mongolia came to report to Stalin, one of the delegates took with him a little daughter who was supposed to give flowers to the Leader ... Just a day later, a photo of little Gela Markizova in a sailor suit, who decided to convey greetings to the leader from the children of Buryatia, will prove a happy childhood in the USSR for years to come.

Gela Markizova becomes a real idol of all Soviet children. Sales of blue and white sailors, such as Geli in the photo, are growing exponentially. Parents take their children to the hairdresser with only one request - “cut your hair like the girl in the photo with Stalin”. A six-year-old toddler who touched the legend was bathed in glory.

However, the further fate of Geli and her family cannot be called either cheerful or happy ...

The fame of the Buryat baby will end as suddenly as it fell on her head. In 1937, his father, the People's Commissar of Agriculture of the Buryat ASSR, was arrested. The reason is trivial - the death of 40, 000 head of cattle, for this they will arrest and then shoot the entire Buryat government. Official charge: organization of insurgent, sabotage activities on the instructions of Japanese intelligence.

On June 2, 1938, Ardan Markizov will be shot. Gela and her mother will be sent into exile in Turkestan.

In 1938, Geli's mother dies unexpectedly and rather strangely, having been hospitalized with pneumonia, she committed suicide by cutting her throat with a scalpel.

Gelia was sheltered by her mother's sister, who, after marriage, took the surname Dorbeeva and lived in Moscow. From that moment on, no one heard anything about Gela Markizova. Now she had a new surname - Engelsina Dorbeeva. New patronymic. New life. And about what happened in the past, my stepfather ordered to be silent. And the girl herself already understood what was in this world.

Well, in order not to denigrate the bright image of the "Leader of the Nations", the Kremlin decided to pick up a similar girl and replace her with Gela. After a short search, the pioneer Mamlakat Nakhangova was selected for this role, having made her a photo session with Stalin. Considering that Mamlakat had the same Mongolian face, no one noticed the substitution, and whoever noticed, he simply kept silent ...