Interesting facts about the kiss of Brezhnev

Leonid Ilyich was one of the most humane and gentle leaders of the USSR. It is not for nothing that the time of his reign was called the "thaw". He was brow-haired, loved orders and medals, but most of all he liked kissing when meeting, and not only with women. Considering the status of the secretary general, very few people managed to dodge such an "honor".

Usually Brezhnev embraced the leader of a friendly state, and then kissed him hard 3 times: first on the left cheek, then on the right cheek, and finally on the lips. Hence the name of such a kiss - Triple Brezhnev.

In 1968, Yasser Arafat visited the USSR for the first time, where he had a meeting with the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. The Palestinian leader quickly won the Kremlin's trust, and it may be he who showed Brezhnev the triple kiss. In Arab traditions, three-fold kissing is widespread as a gesture of trust and affection for a person.

Leonid Brezhnev once kissed the leader of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, very hard, as a result of which he tore his lip.

Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States, was the only American president to receive a kiss from a famous Soviet leader.

The most famous kiss of Leonid Ilyich was with Eric Honnecker, the leader of the GDR, in 1971. This act of friendship between peoples was even depicted on the Berlin Wall by a young but very talented artist Dmitry Vrubel. "Brotherly Kiss" has become a symbol of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In 1973, when the Iron Curtain opened, a delegation from the United States arrived in the USSR. After the heartfelt speech of the secretary general, a young American woman approached him with flowers, whom the loving secretary general immediately kissed with his usual passion and dedication. Hitherto inconspicuous choreography teacher Annie Hollman suddenly became famous all over the world.

It is quite difficult to recount the leaders of neighboring and not only states that were kissed by Brezhnev in view of their number, but those who categorically refused or tactfully avoided a little:

Once Brezhnev made an attempt to kiss the Romanian leader Nicolae Ceausescu. However, the Romanian was the only one who directly and categorically refused this ritual, as he was extremely squeamish.

In 1971, there was a failed attempt to demonstrate Margaret Thatcher's "triple Brezhnev". However, the "iron lady" managed to tactfully dodge this friendly gesture, unacceptable for prim British.

In 1974, the Cuban leader, who was flying to the USSR for the first time, already knew about the secretary general's ritual of kissing guests at a meeting, and also knew that he would become a laughing stock in his homeland if he allowed this to happen. But an original solution was found. Fidel Castro fled down the ladder with a huge smoking cigar in his teeth, which did not allow Brezhnev to disgrace the Cuban in front of his compatriots.

Scientists have proven that kissing is good for health, and L.I. Brezhnev already knew about this. Do you want to live long and not get sick? - kiss your health!