Show Kuzkin's mother ... Why Kuzkin and why mother?

"Show Kuz'kina's mother" or "Kuz'kina's mother" is a Russian idiomatic expression that means danger and threat. Most often it is used as a jokingly ironic threat to someone's side. This expression has a different form, known to the whole world, thanks to the political leader of the USSR, N.S. Khrushchev: "We will show you Kuzkin's mother!" Khrushchev N.S. often used this phrase in the direction of representatives of hostile countries. This expression was very difficult for foreigners to translate and explain, therefore in the world it was perceived as a directed threat of attack.

Today, there are many versions of the birth of this phrase:

1. A dangerous pest of cereals, the lamellar beetle of dark green color with red-brown elytra, scientifically, sounds like Anisoplia austriaca. The people simply call it "Kuzka". It looks harmless, but it is only in appearance, in speed and gluttony it competes with locusts. Therefore, for the peasants, it was a real plague. Now to fight them chemically, but before nothing helped. Beetle larvae live deep in the soil, where they can winter twice. Show this larva (that is, Kuzkin's mother) is possible only deeply breaking the ground. Hence "Kuzkina's mother" is a very figurative and ancient peasant expression.

2. There is another assumption about the origin of this phrase: in the dictionary "Phraseologisms in Russian Speech" this concept is made on behalf of Kuzma, which in some Russian sayings evokes associations with a vindictive, pugnacious and spiteful subject.

3. There is a version that Kuz'ka is the old name of a whip, an instrument of domestic punishment, which the groom put on his wedding day in a boot "on Kuzminki" as a symbol of matrimonial power.

4. According to the following version, Kuzma was called a stupid and mischievous brownie. And his mother - the invisible one - was assigned a habitat behind the stove - next to the flood. And it was believed that if she seemed to one of the people living in the hut, then she would certainly frighten him.

5. According to another version, “Kuz'kina's mother” is a woman who really existed and lived in her time; over time, her image turned into a character of folk phraseological units. Apparently, the mother of a certain Kuzma was a very wayward, strong and angry woman, meeting with whom was a great test for a person. Therefore, the threat "to show Kuz'kin's mother (Kuzma's mother)" is intended to scare a person with a showdown with a certain powerful person.

In some Finno-Ugric languages, this expression could mean a devil or a devil.