Soviet soda water vending machines

On April 16, 1932, the newspaper Vechernyaya Moskva wrote: “An employee of the Leningrad plant“ Vienna ”Agroshkin invented an interesting apparatus for preparing carbonated water. (In the rest of the world, a carbonator suitable for the production of soda water was invented back in 1783).

A glass of sparkling water without syrup cost one penny, and for three pennies you could enjoy a glass of gazvoda with syrup.

Despite the fact that no one guarded the glasses, they were very rarely stolen. Even alcoholics took them for drinking alcohol with a mandatory return.

Various methods were used to deceive the machine. Some have adapted to lowering the coin on a string. Steel washers of suitable weight and size could be thrown into the machine. And many simply knew how to properly hit the machine with a fist, after which, in some cases, water was poured for free.

There was a special model of a saturator for free dispensing of water in hot industries and in fire departments, it did not have a coin-operated mechanism, but only three selection buttons: "water", "sparkling water" and "a portion of salt", which added a small portion of table salt to replenish losses her body through sweat.

During the collapse of the USSR, the sale and maintenance of automatic machines ceased to be profitable. Today, a soda vending machine is almost impossible to find.

Source: Wikipedia