Interesting facts about the fight against idlers in the USSR

In 1982, the chairman of the State Security Committee, Yuri Andropov, took over as Secretary General (this is a type of president in the USSR). And from the very beginning of his reign, he embarked on a course of fighting idlers, and for this he attracted the appropriate authorities, that is, the police. During working hours, police raids began in shops, cinemas, schools and other public places. They checked people's documents and found out the reason why the person was absent from the workplace. After that, a protocol and a letter to the director of an educational institution or enterprise were drawn up for the parasites. An interesting fact is that in Belarus A.G. Lukashenka ordered to take an example from this politician of the past. In response, Belarusian officials organize round-ups on truants, returning us to the historical past.