Unusual ways to save

How much can you save on the check that the ATM gives us after the transaction? On one piece of paper, big savings, of course, will not work. But on the millions of such checks, a good amount is already obtained. Bank of Amerika managers noticed that most of the bank's clients immediately throw a check into the trash cans, and some do not even bother reading what is written on it. But you can't do without a check. We decided to use paper of lower density, the weight of which is 20% less. As a result, the savings amounted to $ 500, 000 in one year.

But the Cuban government has found an original way to save money on public transport. It is sorely lacking in the country, but this is not a problem. It is enough to go to the side of the road and wait for the passing car. Public transport drivers must stop and pick up a passenger. At the same time, it is forbidden to take money for travel.

It is said that the favorite topic of conversation among Koreans is economy and frugality. And during crises, money is counted even more scrupulously. For example, the sale of white men's shirts is significantly reduced. This allows you to save on washing powder. And some manage to cut down on heating costs - they put up tents in their houses and sleep in them.

Germans also prefer to spend less money on heating their bedrooms. It is always colder here than in the living room, 14 degrees Celsius is considered the norm. And to keep warm, you can use heating pads - for example, a soft toy heated in the microwave.

In Egypt, you can often see houses without a roof. Fortunately, it does not rain often. But a house that does not have a roof is considered unfinished, and the owners, on a legal basis, have the right not to pay real estate tax. In Egypt, there is a tradition - to give such houses to the eldest sons for a wedding. Here they are already responsible for the construction of the roof and, accordingly, the payment of taxes.

The elbow is an ancient measure of length that corresponded to the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger of an outstretched arm. And the length of the arm, as you know, is different. Therefore, cloth merchants preferred to hire short-lived merchants. The person is short and the arms are usually shorter. A great way to save money. And you can't find fault, the goods were measured as expected - from elbow to finger.

American Thomas Edison received thousands of patents for inventions during his life. True, he did what he loved not only because of his love for science. It is said that workers in Edison's factories often harassed him with their strikes. And the brilliant inventor did everything to make the work of these very workers unnecessary.

By the way, not all millionaires litter money left and right, as many believe. It was the thrifty attitude to money that allowed them to achieve financial success. For example, the richest resident of Sweden Ingvar Kamprad, whose fortune was $ 28 billion, died a few months ago. The thrift of Mr. Kampard was legendary. For example, his subordinates were required to use paper as economically as possible, printing text on both sides. Almost like Gogol's Plyushkin. And Kampard has not changed his favorite chair for 32 years.

American sociologists claim that every fourth millionaire in their country wears shoes that cost less than $ 100.