How lottery winners spend money

Psychologists assure that very often people who have won a large sum in the lottery have an irresistible desire to waste money left and right. After all, the money came easily, and it seems to a person that now there will always be luck. But, very quickly, the lucky one is faced with a problem - the inability to maintain expensive purchases. For example, a huge house or a fancy car. And some do not even have time to buy anything worthwhile - money flows away like water.

The example of the British scavenger Michael Carroll, who won £ 10, 000, 000 in 2002, is quite indicative. And the fabulous life began. True, the money quickly ran out, his wife soon left Michael, and he himself had to return to his usual work as a garbage collector.

In 2003, 16-year-old girl Callie Rogers was unexpectedly lucky, she won a prize of 1, 875, 500 pounds. Youth did its job - fun parties with friends allowed you to quickly spend the amount that could be enough for many years. Fortunately, she managed to undergo plastic surgery. Now Callie Rogers sadly recalls her win, admitting that she was too young to properly manage money. She even advocates that teenagers should be banned from buying lottery tickets altogether.

Spouses from Canada Kirby and Mary Fontaine unexpectedly won $ 50 million. And they immediately began active charitable activities, generously transferring large sums to shelters and various foundations. And when the millions ended, they said that they did not regret anything, because they had lived for many years without these millions.

Forklift driver Dave Dawes hit the jackpot in one lottery. The prize was £ 101, 000, 000. In one day, Dave climbed to the 703rd place in the ranking of the richest people in the UK. And soon he announced that he intends to make twenty more of his friends millionaires, with whom he decided to share the winnings. Dave Dawes turned out to be a man who does not forget kindness, once friends helped him in difficult situations.

Florida resident Gloria McKenzie won nearly $ 600 million at the venerable age of 84. Suddenly, she remembered the elementary school she attended 75 years ago. And she transferred several million dollars for the renovation of this institution.

They say that a projectile does not fall twice into the same funnel. But Evelyn Adams managed to hit the jackpot twice in lotteries. Moreover, with a short period of time - in 1985 and 1986. The total winnings were $ 5, 500, 000. But, she could not stop in time, becoming a real gamer. In a short time, I lost all the money.

Nigerian Rosemary Obiecor also got lucky in the lottery. The prize was, however, not a million, but quite impressive - about 16, 000 euros. At the ceremony, Rosemary announced that she would give the money on the street to the first beggar she met. A superstitious woman believes that money that came so easily will not bring happiness, but rather the opposite. Therefore, I decided not to tempt fate.