Myths and truths about the cost of the Singer sewing machine

About twenty years ago in our country suddenly there were announcements: "I will buy a sewing machine" Singer ". At the same time, prices were offered such that soon many citizens, like Ostap Bender and Ippolit Matveyevich Vorobyaninov, rushed to search for this treasure. True, poorly understanding - what is the secret of the cost of the old typewriter, and why is the "Singer" so valued?

All the secrets are revealed someday. Therefore, after a while the secrets of the incredible price of this machine were “revealed”. True, several versions were put forward that differed significantly from each other.

Zinger sewing machines made of gold

Version one. After the revolution, many of our wealthy compatriots decided to go abroad. But it was problematic to transport your jewelry across the border. They were ruthlessly confiscated and passed into the ownership of the Land of the Soviets. True, the sewing machines were not confiscated, they were not of particular value. So the emigrants came up with an original idea: to melt gold, giving it the shape of a sewing machine and dye it black. It sounds convincing, but incomprehensible - why look for these cars in Russia, if, on the contrary, they were exported from the country? It is more logical to assume that the search should be carried out in European countries.

Singer Parts contained platinum and red mercury

Version number two. Generous manufacturers used platinum in the manufacture of the Singer. This metal was supposed to give some details special strength. If the first legend still has at least some resemblance to the truth, then this assumption is simply utopian. It should be borne in mind that the cost of the machine, although it was not low, but not so high as to use precious metal in its production.

The excitement began to subside little by little, but in 2009 there was new news. It turned out that the typewriter contained the legendary "red mercury". No one knew exactly where it was used: according to some data - in the production of nuclear weapons, according to others - in search of treasures, but everyone was sure that such mercury was very expensive, which meant that rumors about the fantastic cost of the Singer machine were not fiction.

The information came from Saudi Arabia, and even the police had to intervene, as cases of robbery of those sewing workshops where the legendary Singer machines were used became more frequent. They tried to convince the residents that this was just another myth.

For a specific number of a ZINGER, the manufacturer gave an award

Third legend. In 1998, the Singer company decided to announce a certain competition among those who use this machine. It was necessary to find some kind of serial number on the product and present it to the manufacturer. And to receive a well-deserved reward for this - $ 1, 000, 000. It was assumed that the machine with this number was released at the end of the nineteenth century and was sold to Russia. This inspired treasure seekers even more, but there is one problem. In 1998, when, according to rumors, this competition was announced, the company was in a deplorable financial condition, unable to compete with competitors. And in 2000 the company "Singer" was declared bankrupt.

Alas, it was not possible to unravel the secrets of the "Singer". It can only be assumed that scammers profited from these rumors. After buying a sewing machine from some old woman at a reasonable price, one could sell it tens, or even hundreds of times more expensive. A lot of apartment robberies were recorded at that time in our country. Law enforcement officials noted an interesting fact - the robbers carried out only the "Singer", showing no interest in other things.