What celebrities insure

What are the "stars" afraid of? The singer is afraid of losing his voice, the football player is afraid of breaking his legs, the models tremble at the thought that they may lose their attractiveness. Therefore, it is better to insure a unique voice or attractive appearance.

The fashion for such insurance appeared almost 100 years ago - back in the early twenties of the last century, the British insurance agency "Lloyds of London" offered celebrities to insure the most valuable in their lives. The first to respond to such a proposal was the famous silent film actor Ben Turpin. And he insured his ... squint. Ben feared that it might disappear and he would lose interest in the viewer. In this case, the actor should have received $ 25, 000. A fortune for those times.

By the way, the famous Russian singer Alexander Buinov also fears for his eyes. But he is afraid of going blind. Therefore, I insured my eyesight for $ 100, 000.

Model Heidi Klum insured her legs for $ 1, 800, 000. Interestingly, the right leg is more expensive - $ 1, 000, 000. While the left "only" 800, 000. But there is an explanation for this - Heidi has a small scar on her left leg. The legendary Marilyn Monroe also insured her legs at one time. True, only by 10, 000. But, at that time, the value of the dollar was more significant.

Rock singer Gene Simmons, founder of the band Kiss, prided himself on his language, recognized as the longest in the world. This "treasure" was insured for a million dollars. The language of California resident John Harrison is insured for the same amount. Despite the fact that John is not a singer, he preserves his language. Harrison has an exotic profession - an ice cream taster. In one working day, a specialist has to try up to 60 varieties.

The Dutchman Ilya Gort, a taster of elite wines, is very afraid of losing his sense of smell. However, in this case, Gort will receive a solid compensation of 5, 000, 000 "green".

The legs feed not only the wolf, but also the football players. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of personal injury insurance. English football legend David Beckham has estimated his "tools" at $ 70 million. But Cristiano Ronaldo is twice as high - 144 million.

Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond, performed many dangerous stunts during the filming. The prudent actor insured his body for $ 9.5 million.

But, don't be jealous of celebrities. Anyone can get insured with UFO Abduction for $ 10, 000, 000. And at the same time, the policy is not at all expensive - only $ 19, 95. But, you can get this amount only in one case - if a person is abducted by aliens. The company promises to pay additional costs for treatment and psychiatric services.