Billionaire beggars are slum oligarchs

Scrooge Mac Duck

A luxurious mansion, a luxurious yacht, billions of dollars in bank accounts are a must-have for any oligarch. But not all of them grew up in luxury. The path of many of them to big business began literally in the slums. Here are just a few of these stories.

Italian Leonardo Del Vecchio was born in 1935 in Milan. As a child, his life was not much like a fairy tale: at the age of 7, his mother sent her son to an orphanage, since the family lived in poverty, and it was not easy to keep five offspring during the Second World War. At the age of 14, the teenager got a job at a factory that produces glasses, and at 25 he became the owner of his own production. Now Luxottica is the world's largest manufacturer of sunglasses, and the fortune of Leonardo Del Vecchio is estimated at $ 20.4 billion.

American David Murdoch could not even finish school. After the ninth grade, he went to work at a gas station, and in 1943 he went to the front. David was hit by artillery and almost completely lost his hearing. Back in civilian life, he borrowed a few hundred dollars and opened a diner. Later he took up the construction business and the export of vegetables and fruits. Made a fortune of $ 5 billion. But he never mastered the computer. They say he never even used a cell phone.

Adelson Sheldon from Boston borrowed $ 200 from his uncle at the age of 12 and started selling newspapers. Later he became the founder of 50 different companies. But before becoming the owner of $ 15 billion, Sheldon had to be a toilet dealer, court reporter, financial advisor.

Even 20 years ago, the Englishwoman J.K. Rowling lived on social benefits. The Exter University graduate considered herself "the biggest loser." Divorce from her husband, a baby daughter in her arms, plus problems with work. In 1995, Joan completed her first novel, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Due to the lack of a computer, the manuscript had to be retyped on an old typewriter. The path of "Harry Potter" to the reader was not easy: the work was rejected by 12 publishers. In June 1997 alone, the book was published with a circulation of 1, 000 copies. And then the writer's triumph began, books about the adventures of Harry Potter brought the author more than a billion dollars.

Li Ka-shing is rightfully considered one of the richest people in Asia. But his road to a $ 33 billion fortune was not easy. He was born in 1928 in China to a poor school teacher. At the age of 12, after the death of his father, the boy had to quit school and work in a watchband factory. The working day sometimes lasted 16 hours. At 22, Li Ka-shing was able to start his own business - a trade in plastic products. Now Li Ka-shing is the owner of the largest investment company in Hong Kong and employs over 200, 000 people in 52 countries around the world.