Interesting facts about Adidas

It is interesting that the young Adolf Dassler did not begin to engage in the production of sports equipment because of a good life: after the First World War, devastation reigned in Germany. To somehow earn a living, Adolf began to sew slippers from old military uniforms and car tires.

In 1924 the brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler opened the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. The following year, the company began to produce an unusual shoe: football boots with spikes. Adolf, an avid football player, decided that athletes in such shoes would be more stable on slippery grass. The cleats for the first batch of boots were made by a familiar blacksmith.

In 1927, the Dassler brothers employed 25 people who sewed up to 100 pairs of shoes a day.

In 1928, at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam, some athletes competed in shoes made at the Dassler brothers' factory. This was their first entry into the big sports arena.

During World War II, the brothers were sent to the front. But soon Adolf was returned back to the factory, which, during the war, produced training shoes for German soldiers. But his brother returned home only after the war, having visited a prisoner of war camp.

In 1948, after the death of their father, the brothers quarreled and divided their company. Adolf named his new company Addas (Adi Dassler), and Rudolph - Ruda. Soon, the names were changed: Addas became Adidas, and Ruda became Puma. The two new businesses began to compete fiercely with each other.

One of the novelties of the Adidas company helped the German national team to become world champions in football. In 1954, the German national team played for the first time in boots with removable spikes. When it rained during the final match against Hungary, the Germans screwed longer spikes onto their shoes during the break, giving them an advantage over rivals constantly falling on the wet field.

At the 1960 Olympics in Rome, more than 75 percent of athletes already used Adidas athletic shoes.

On October 9, 1977, English footballer Stan Bowles entered the match with the Dutch national team in different boots. He wore an Adidas boot on his right foot and a Gola on his left. For such an unusual advertisement, the footballer received £ 600: 400 from Adidas and 200 from Gola. True, this did not help the England team - they lost with a score of 0: 2.

The founder of the legendary company, Adolf Dassler, passed away in 1978 at the age of 78. By that time, his factories produced about 45 million pairs of sports shoes a year.

In 1979, the company began supplying its products to the Soviet Union.