Several stories about successful bets

Bookmakers have always attracted people with the opportunity to get fabulously rich, you just need to make a successful bet. At the same time, sane opponents assure that it is impossible to beat the bookmaker, the organizers of the game will always be in the black. Indeed, bookmakers are real professionals in their field, but there are many known cases of large wins.

The Guinness Book of Records records the success of the Englishwoman Katherine Asworth. Luck came to her in 1929: she placed a 10p bet on the races, matched the winners of all races and won 341 pounds sterling, that is, 3410 times the stake.

In 1984, English gambling enthusiast Edward Hodson bet 55p on a horse whose odds were negligible and was estimated at 3, 956, 748 to 1. Unexpectedly, it was this horse that won. The prize was over 2 million pounds. But Hodson did not succeed in becoming a millionaire: in this office there was a limit on winning - no more than 3, 000 pounds. It is sometimes useful to read what is written in small print.

One of the residents of Greece has made a fortune from the fanatical dedication of his national team. Before the start of the 2004 European Championship, he bet $ 7, 330 on the victory of the Greek team in the tournament with a 50: 1 odds. After the national team reached the quarterfinals, he made another bet of $ 14, 600, already in a 10: 1 ratio. The victory of Greece in the championship brought football fan of 607 thousand dollars.

But one of the Belarusian hockey fans did not risk such a large sum, but faith in his team helped him earn a little. In 2002, during the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, he bet $ 35 on the victory of the Belarusian national team over the United States. Bookmakers did not highly appreciate the chances of Belarusians and accepted bets in the ratio of 30 to 1. But miracles happen, and the fan's winnings amounted to 1050 dollars. Not millions, of course, but not bad either.

During the qualifying matches for the 2008 FIFA World Cup, a fan, whose name remains unknown, made a fantastic bet. He managed to correctly indicate the score of fourteen matches !!! Having bet only 50 cents, the lucky one received 105, 000 dollars. Probably regretted that he had set so little.

Often, lucky players spend some of their winnings on good things. For example, one French bank employee, having become the proud owner of a prize of six and a half million euros, donated half of the amount to an orphanage.

On the eve of the 2000 offensive, bets were made on the end of the world. The coefficient was very tempting - 1 in 10, 000, 000. It is only unclear who and to whom would have to pay if life on Earth ended?