Million Dollar Web Page

Alex Tew, 21, a British student, has made about a million dollars on his one-page website. To pay for college, a student created a site selling pixels, the main page of which with a size of 1000 * 1000 pixels was divided into squares of 10 by 10 pixels, one pixel cost one dollar, and accordingly one square - 100 dollars ... The client was free to use the purchased pixels at his own discretion, but the most logical thing was to place an advertisement there.

The first buyers were relatives who decided to help the guy and bought 4 squares for $ 400, then more ... he sent a link to his website to his friends and relatives so that they would buy, then friends to their friends, etc. But at such a pace, of course, he would did not sell all the space on the site. But one key moment the idea seemed interesting to the press, and Alex was invited to a television show, after which the resource quickly gained popularity.

There was a real explosion in sales twice: first, the British media became interested in Alex, and then the American media. He was interviewed by the most popular newspapers in England (such as The Wall Street Journal), and after that, in two weeks, Tew sold 40, 000 pixels. On January 1, 2006, the last thousand pixels were put up for auction on eBay. The auction ended on January 11 and brought Alex $ 38, 100. Thus, the proceeds amounted to $ 1, 037, 100 As Alex wrote in his blog, the resource traffic jumped to 231, 475 thousand unique visitors per day, and later reached 25 thousand per hour. All pixels have already been sold, apparently forever. While creating the site, Alex guaranteed that it would last at least five years, but it seems that the term will be much longer.

Tew's new project is even more ambitious. Now Alex has decided to set the price per pixel not one, but two dollars. But he is unlikely to ever repeat his dizzying success. Many have already tried to create similar Internet projects, selling pixels on their sites, but none of them received even close popularity