Hunt for the golden rabbit

In 1979, Keith Williams, an Englishman, published a children's book called Masquerade. The work, supplemented by 15 illustrations, described the adventures of a hare in poetic form. But who would have guessed that this book would be swept off the shelves by ADULTS. The fact is that an enterprising author ordered a gold sculpture of a hare decorated with precious stones from jewelers and hid it somewhere in England in the presence of a witness. and he encrypted the path to the treasure in his book. To attract foreign readers and treasure hunters, Williams promised that he would give the hare to whoever sent the correct answer in the mail first.

The gold rush has spread to several dozen countries around the world. Hundreds of thousands of copies of "Masquerade" were sold, but the solution to the puzzle was found only after 3 years, and even that was not without a scandal. The person who sent in the correct solution turned out to be a close friend of Williams' ex-girlfriend. When the public raised a furor, the writer disowned everything and appointed new winners. They turned out to be two physics teachers who sent a guess close to the truth. And Mr.William Keith earned much more money from his idea than he spent, and without knowing it, he became the founder of a new genre in business called treasure hunting.