Interesting facts about Alexander the Great

Interesting facts "Military affairs" Interesting facts about Alexander the Great

  1. From childhood, Alexander amazed everyone around him with his courage. When the boy was 10 years old, his father, Philip II, was offered to buy a stallion named Bucephalus (Bullhead). No one managed to tame the horse, therefore, Philip decided to refrain from buying. Then Alexander self-confidently declared that he could cope with Bucephalus. And he really succeeded. The delighted father bought a horse for his son, despite the fact that he was asked for a huge amount - 13 talents.
  2. In all the conquered lands, cities were erected, which were named in honor of the great commander - Alexandria. And one of the cities was named after his beloved horse Bucephalus. The city was founded on the banks of the Hydasp River, where the horse was mortally wounded. Currently, this city is located in Pakistan and has a different name - Jalalpur.
  3. Alexander the Great had a phenomenal memory. For example, he remembered every warrior in his army. And this is about 30, 000 people. Aristotle himself, who was hired by Philip II, was involved in the upbringing of Alexander as a child. Under the guidance of the great scientist, the boy mastered philosophy, medicine, rhetoric, geography and other sciences.
  4. Another teacher of the young man was the ancient Greek historian Anaximen of Lampsak. During one of the campaigns, Alexander's army approached the city of Lampsak, where his former teacher lived. Anaximenes, trying to save his city, went to negotiate with the student. But, he arrogantly declared that he would not fulfill any of his requests. Anaximenes went for a trick and asked the Macedonian to capture and destroy Lampsak. Alexander had to fulfill his promise and retreat from the city.
  5. Once, during a feast, Alexander announced that he would generously reward the hero who could drink the most wine. There were many who wanted to take part in such an event. And it all ended in tragedy. According to some sources, 36 participants died, and according to others - 42.
  6. Ancient authors claim that Alexander the Great and his warriors were protected by armor made of a material called linothorax. It was made of several layers of flax, which were held together with glue. Linothorax defended well from arrows and cold weapons, at the same time, it did not restrict movement, like metal shells.
  7. British historian Peter Connolly recovered this material in the twentieth century. It turned out that such equipment weighs about 3.5 kg, while the metal breastplate is almost twice as large.
  8. Alexander the Great had different colors, one blue and the other brown. In addition, he suffered from scoliosis of the cervical vertebrae, therefore, his head was constantly tilted to one side.
  9. Alexander the Great died in 323 BC e. at the age of 32. Until now, no one can name the exact cause of his death. He died after two weeks of illness. The reason could be: malaria, typhoid fever, lung disease. And some researchers believe that the commander was poisoned by someone from his inner circle.
  10. Everyone, even the strongest person, has weaknesses. According to the recollections of his contemporaries, Alexander the Great suffered from ailurophobia - a fear of cats.