Bullet blond - an unusual ammunition for hunting ... equipment

You probably know what an ordinary gun cartridge looks like - nothing special, a cone-shaped bullet and a sleeve. But today we will focus on unusual ammunition. Specifically, about the "Blondeau" bullet (Balle Blondeau or "French Bobbin Bullet" in English-speaking sources), invented during the Second World War by a member of the French resistance Pierre Blondeau.

This ammunition was invented during the Second World War by French partisans in order to quickly disable unarmored German equipment during an attack on the columns.

French designer Pierre Blondeau drew attention to the fact that the power of the cartridge of the submachine gun "Sten", quite popular among the French resistance, was not enough to be guaranteed to hit even unarmored vehicles. The gunsmith realized that a solid bullet with a high lateral load was required to successfully defeat an automobile engine block, since ordinary round steel bullets did not have a sufficient penetrating effect.

This is how the "Blondeau" bullet, also called "reel", was born. Its head is made in the form of a disk, and the tail is in the form of a conical cylinder. It was turned from steel, and had circular grooves a la "dovetail", into which lead rings were pressed. The purpose of these rings is to protect the barrel of the gun and prevent the steel bullet from touching the barrel walls at the time of the choke constrictions. To date, modifications of this ammunition are made of brass, bronze, copper.

Stabilization of the bullet in flight is carried out due to the aerodynamic effect created by the air flow around the head of the bullet and hitting the tapered surface of the tail of the bullet.

Due to its unique properties, the Blondeau bullet received various modifications, including those from Russian gunsmiths. So, the Rubeykin bullet is a modified version of the Blondeau bullet. The main change is that, unlike Blondeau, in which a heavier tail section creates a reverse sweep, the Rubeykin bullet has a heavier front section, due to which the bullet has a weak, but still normal sweep. It is easier to manufacture, since it does not have lead bands that can be replaced by a container.

Currently, the Blondeau bullet has become widespread abroad and in our country. Also, on its basis for the security forces, special-purpose armor-piercing ammunition is made.