The shortest war in the world

This fleeting war lasted only 45 minutes and entered the Guinness Book of Records. At the end of the 19th century, Zanzibar was under British rule. In 1896, the new sultan of Zanzibar, Khalid ibn Bargash, tried to get out of control, seeking support from Germany. He gathered a small army of two and a half thousand soldiers and took out an old cannon of the 16th century from the cellars. The British responded by issuing an ultimatum, which expired at 9:00 am on August 27, according to which the Zanzibari were to surrender.

In response, they hoisted a cannon on their only ship - the yacht "Glasgow" and fearlessly went out to sea, towards five English frigates. Exactly at the time appointed by the ultimatum, the Imperial Navy opened fire on the coast. Five minutes later, the Glasgow responded and was immediately sunk by crossfire from two ships. The Zanzibar ship continued to shoot all the time until it disappeared under water. After half an hour of bombing, only the Glasgow masts were visible from under the water, and the coastal structures were practically destroyed. However, the Zanzibar flag continued to fly on the palace flagpole. The fleet resumed firing. Fifteen minutes later, the shore was completely burned out, not a single gun answered. The top of the flagpole was destroyed and the flag was nowhere to be seen. The Sultan ordered the soldiers to leave the battlefield, and he himself asked for asylum at the German consulate. The shelling lasted 38 minutes, killed about 570 people from the Zanzibar side, and it went down in history as the shortest war in the world.

After the war, the former sultan lived in Dar es Salaam until 1916, when the British captured him. He died in 1927 in Mombasa.

Source: Wikipedia