What is white chocolate made of?

Did you know that white chocolate is not chocolate at all? It is made from cocoa butter, sugar, film dry milk and vanillin without adding cocoa powder, therefore it has a creamy color (white) and does not contain theobromine. White chocolate gets its unique taste thanks to a special milk powder with a caramel flavor. However, the nuances of cooking vary depending on the recipe, quality and type of raw materials. There is also a little cocoa butter in it - this is how the white color of the bar turns out, which is why there is such a significant difference in taste.

Only pressed cocoa butter is used to create this sweetness. White chocolate can be called chocolate if, along with other requirements, it contains at least 20 percent cocoa butter. However, when it comes to mass-market white chocolate, many manufacturers make it from inexpensive powder or hydrogenated vegetable fats and thus have nothing to do with cocoa-based chocolate.

Whoever says anything, classic white chocolate has a rich, creamy chocolate flavor. In addition to 20 percent cocoa butter, the product must contain at least 15 percent milk powder and more than 55 percent sugar.