Interesting facts about rain

Rain is an amazing natural phenomenon. In each country, it is treated differently. Interesting Rain Facts:

-Every year, 519, 000 km3 of rain falls on the earth.

- We are moving to live in Portugal! Indeed, it is in Portugal that you can not go to work if it rains and it will be legal and with impunity.

-No meteorologist can explain why it rains every year for many years on July 29 in Weinsburg, Ohio.

- In the 17th century in Great Britain, if you did not correctly predict the place and time of rain, then you could be killed for this.

- Did you know that thanks to the rain the game of darts appeared. When archers hid from the rain in pubs, for fun they threw arrows at a drawn target.

- Raindrops of 1 cm fall on the Marshall Islands.

- In the city of Para (Brazil) it rains every day at the same time, so residents know in advance what time it is on the clock if it rains.

- It rains 250 times a year in the country of Uganda.

- The Republic of Bostswana is considered very arid, but their national currency is called "rain". And as a greeting, the word “Pula” sounds, which means rain.

- In Thailand, it rains only at night for centuries.

- The rainiest city in India is Cherrapunji. Approximately 26, 460 mm per year.

- On Earth, only one person in 100 million suffers from an allergy to rain. Imagine that if one drop of water causes redness, and if it gets caught in the rain, it is fatal.

- In 2007 in El Rebolledo (Spain) it rained frogs.

- Every year at the end of May in Honduras, fish rain is dressed. After the rain, fish are scattered everywhere and people are picking them up like mushrooms. And the fish are all alive. There is still no explanation for this phenomenon.