Interesting facts about fishermen

The International Sport Fishing Association is the largest organization that registers world records for fishermen. Its headquarters are located in the American city of Danae Beach, Florida. Here comes information about the largest fish that have been caught around the world.

It is not easy to find a river with the unusual name Tikhaya Sosna on the map of Russia. It flows in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions, and has a length of only about 160 kilometers. But, she became famous for the fact that in 1924 a huge sturgeon weighing 1227 kg was caught here. And it turned out to be as much as 245 kilograms of black caviar.

New Zealander Donald Heatley fought a huge black marlin for 32 hours and 5 minutes. According to the fisherman, the length of this fish was about six meters. True, the fish eventually managed to break the line and leave. At the same time, she dragged the fisherman's boat over a distance of 80 kilometers.

American teenager Kyle Nageli successfully catches fish in the sewers. It all started by accident: the boy dropped a ball into the sewer hatch, and when he tried to get it, he was surprised to notice that there was fish there. He immediately bet with his father for $ 5 that he could catch fish in the sewage. And he won the bet. True, the taste of such fish is probably of dubious quality.

In Bangladesh, local fishermen successfully use the otter as a helper. Animal training begins in childhood. Trained otters are taken with them on a fishing trip. Having spread their nets, the fishermen release the animals into the water, tying them behind the body with ropes. This allows them to control their movement and prevents them from escaping. The animals drive the fish to the nets, and the fishermen can only take off the tackle in time and get the catch.

In Moscow, on Chistye Prudy, you can often meet fishermen who do what they love without leaving the city. And in the 17th century, this was simply impossible - it was one of the dirtiest places in the capital. The ponds were then called not Clean, but Pogany. There were many butcher shops and slaughterhouses around, and all the waste was dumped into a pond. Only after Alexander Menshikov, an associate of Peter the Great, acquired the land here, were the ponds ordered to be cleaned up and the waste dumping stopped.

The famous Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was a passionate fisherman. Chekhov himself assumed that many famous literary works were conceived by the authors during fishing. He sincerely pitied those people who did not have the opportunity to sit with a fishing rod on the banks of a river or lake. And in a letter to the poet Pleshcheev, Chekhov expressed sympathy: "It's a pity that you are not a fisherman."

In 1979, Canadian Ken Fraster caught Atlantic tuna, which weighed as much as 678 kg. The fish was pulled out only after 45 minutes. Over the past 40 years, none of the competitors have come close to the achievement of the Canadian fisherman. Moreover, even tuna weighing 400 kg is considered a rarity.

It is difficult to say how successful a fisherman Walter Kummerow from Germany is, but one world achievement belongs to him for more than 30 years - since 1984. In the competition for the longest casting of tackle, he set a fantastic record - he sent a 30-gram weight as much as 175 meters and 1 centimeter.