Interesting facts about nicknames

An alias is a fictitious name. In Greek, "pseudo" means "false, " and "nim" means "name." It often happens that a pseudonym is known all over the world, but no one can remember a person's real name.

Perhaps the most questionable in our country is the origin of the pseudonym of the leader of the revolution. Why did Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov take the pseudonym "Lenin"? There are a huge number of versions, you can write a whole study on this topic. One of the most probable was expressed by the historian Vladlen Loginov: at the very beginning of the twentieth century, the young revolutionary Ulyanov decided to go abroad. According to the original documents, it was impossible to do this, as it was politically unreliable. I managed to get a passport in the name of Nikolai Lenin, with which Ilyich was able to travel to Europe. Soon, the pseudonym replaced the surname.

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Scriabin was born on March 9, 1890 in the Yaransky district of the Vyatka province in the family of a clerk. As a child, the boy wrote poetry and played the violin. But, he did not become a famous poet, as well as a musician. But, already at the age of 16, he joined the RSDLP, and a few years later the young revolutionary was sent into exile in Vologda. The young man decided that his surname should sound in the spirit of the times. And he took a pseudonym - Molotov. By the way, it was in his honor that the simplest grenade was named, which was made from a glass bottle and a combustible mixture.

Children's writer Arkady Golikov is better known under the name Gaidar. The writer's son, Rear Admiral Timur Arkadyevich Gaidar, that his father never spoke about the origin of the pseudonym. There are two assumptions. First, in the Mongolian language "Gaidar" means "a rider galloping in front". Second, the pseudonym has French roots. During his school years, Arkady Golikov studied French. Therefore, "Gaidar" is nothing more than an abbreviated "Golikov Arkady d'Arzamas", that is, "a resident of Arzamas." It was in this city that the future writer spent his childhood.

Rap singer Kirill Tolmatsky is not tall - just over 160 centimeters. It immediately becomes clear why Cyril chose such a pseudonym for himself. After all, decl in Greek is "one tenth" or, in other words, "small" part.

Probably, not every football fan will be able to immediately remember - who is Edson Arantes before Nascimento? Pele sounds much more familiar. What does this word actually mean? There is no exact answer to this question in Portuguese. But, the footballer himself recalled that even in children's football, a Turkish referee, warning a young player, pronounced “pe-le”, that is, “stupid”. The legendary footballer himself recalled that at first in adult football he was called Gazolin. Senior players, sending a newcomer with some errand, advised to run faster, that is, not to save fuel.

The real name of the famous film actor and karate master Chuck Norris is Carlos Ray Norris Jr. At the age of 19, he entered the military and was sent to South Korea. There, at a military base, they began to call him by a shorter name - Chuck. The equally famous martial artist Bruce Lee received two names from his parent - Li Xiaolong (as he was called at home) and Li Zhenfan (official name). When the guy went to conquer America, he decided that such names would be too difficult for the English language, therefore, he took a new name, under which the whole sports and cinematic world recognized him.