Interesting facts about the program “What? Where? When?"

The first issue of the TV show “What? Where? When?" aired on September 4, 1975. True, not teams of experts took part in that game, but two families of Muscovites - the Kuznetsovs and the Ivanovs. Moreover, the shooting took place not in the studio, but in the players' apartments. The broadcast was conducted by Alexander Maslyakov.

For a long time, the players were called “club members“ What? Where? When?". For the first time the term "experts" sounded on the air only in 1979. So the players were called by Vladimir Yakovlevich Voroshilov - a man who for many years was the host of this popular program, but did not appear in the frame. Only on April 23, 1980 he announced his name on the air.

Owl Fomka is the mascot of this popular TV show. In the hall where the shooting took place, he first appeared in 1977.

The famous top, with the help of which the question for each round is selected, was purchased by V. Ya. Voroshilov in an ordinary children's toy store. It was made at the Krasny Proletary plant.

Since 1979, musical breaks have appeared in the program. Moreover, at first they simply sounded recordings, and since 1982 they began to invite artists. Quite often, popular foreign performers appeared in the studio.

Voroshilov V. Ya

Since 1982, 6 correct answers have to be given to win the game. Before that, the game was limited to airtime, not the number of questions.

In Soviet times, gambling was not accepted, so books were presented to the winners as prizes. Money appeared on the gaming table only in 1991.

Since 1990, the games of the club of experts have been held in Neskuchny Garden. The hunting lodge, where connoisseurs sit, was built in the middle of the 18th century on the estate of Prince Nikita Yuryevich Trubetskoy.

The last game of the elite club of experts Vladimir Yakovlevich Voroshilov played on December 30, 2000, and in March of the following year, the famous TV presenter died. Boris Kryuk became the new director, producer and host of the game. By the way, his name was also hidden for a long time, and his voice was processed on a computer.

In 2003, a monument was erected on the grave of V. Ya. Voroshilov - a cube of black granite, which symbolizes the famous "Black Box". The project of this original monument was prepared by Nikita Shangin, a long-term participant in the famous TV game.

Since 2002, the main prize of the TV show “What? Where? When?" is the Diamond Owl. It is made of crystal and silver and weighs about 8 kg. 70 rubies were used to decorate the prize. The prize is awarded to the best connoisseur or viewer.