Who was given a yellow ticket instead of a passport before the revolution

A replacement ticket, which because of its yellow color was popularly known as "yellow ticket", was issued by the police of the Russian Empire in exchange for passports to prostitutes. From the moment of receiving this document, the priestess of love was automatically registered with the police and was obliged to periodically undergo a medical examination.

In addition, the substitute ticket was a kind of stigma and indicated that the woman was no longer considered “decent”. With a yellow ticket in her hands, a woman had the right to earn a living in only one way - with her body. It was quite difficult to get your passport back, and there was no need - who needed the former "walker". So, as a rule, women who fell into this trap did not change their profession until the very end, and often it came quite quickly.

The document consisted of 8 pages (4 spreads), the last of which was marked with medical notes ("Doctor's Mark"), and the first was a photograph of a prostitute; on the second spread were "Rules for supervision", and pages 5, 6 and 7 were "Rules for public women".