Did Lenin have a twin brother

Everyone born in the USSR remembered the date very well - April 22, 1870. Indeed, on this day, the future leader of the world proletariat, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin), was born in Simbirsk. But, a few years ago, a sensational message appeared on the Internet: then two twin boys were born in the Ulyanov family, who were named Volodya and Seryozha. The biography of Vladimir Ilyich is known in sufficient detail, although there are many "blank spots" in it. And how was the life of Sergei Ulyanov?

It was reported that he lived in his native Simbirsk until 1886, and then left for the Ufa province, where he married a girl named Zukhra. True, Sergei's relatives could not come to the wedding, at that time the typhus epidemic was raging, therefore, such a trip could end tragically.

Unlike Vladimir, Sergei at the end of the 19th century had little interest in preparing the revolution in Russia. He became quite a successful entrepreneur, traded in wax, thanks to which he was able to put together a decent capital. Sergei Ilyich Ulyanov was a convinced vegetarian, therefore, he was distinguished by good health and lived for 95 years.

Vladimir more than once turned to his brother for financial help, and after the revolution, Sergei became his loyal ally. But, the leader himself was not for long at the head of the young state, a few years later Vladimir Ilyich fell seriously ill, and in January 1924 he died.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin came to power, and Sergei Ulyanov, being a prudent man, realized that a purge would soon begin among Lenin's comrades-in-arms, so he decided to go abroad. He had a lot to travel around the world - he lived in Lithuania, Switzerland, in the thirties he went to Mexico, where Leon Trotsky was. All these years Sergei Ilyich was engaged in literary activity, his works were translated into many languages ​​of the world.

In the late fifties, Sergei Ulyanov received an invitation to come to Cuba. Moreover, it was not just anyone who invited him, but personally Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban revolutionaries. By that time, Comrade Ulyanov was far from young.

Therefore, Cuba became the last place of residence in his biography. Here Sergei Ilyich Ulyanov died in 1965 and was buried.

And why did they know nothing about Lenin's twin brother in the Soviet Union? The thing is that all information about him was carefully destroyed by order of Stalin. Despite the fact that Sergei outlived Vladimir by forty years, there was no news about him in the USSR.

Only in the XXI century, photographs from the Ulyanov family archive of more than a century ago began to be published. These photos show two surprisingly similar to each other babies. There was no doubt that Lenin had a twin brother.

Alas, all the secret becomes clear someday. So the beautiful legend of two twins was suddenly destroyed.

Moreover, it was destroyed by the same person who created it. As it turned out, the artist Rinat Voligamsi made the Ulyanovs' family album using Photoshop. He also detailed the biography of Sergei Ilyich Ulyanov, who never existed. The artist himself said that he was pleased to see such a popularity of the "sensation", but called it "a passed stage."