How the British zoo valet became a millionaire

For several years now, this story of a successful fraudster who made millions in parking cars has been surfing the Internet, unexpectedly appearing both in personal blogs and in major information publications. Perhaps it is worth reminding the reader of the plot, and at the same time figuring out whether this is true or another urban legend!

The zoo in the English city of Bristol has a parking lot with 150 parking spaces for cars and 8 buses. For 25 years, parking fees have been charged by a very nice parking attendant. The fee was £ 1 for a car and £ 5 for a bus.

However, 25 years later, the employee did not show up for work, although until that moment he had not missed a single day. The zoo management got worried, called the city council and asked to send a new valet. The council examined the issue and found out that the parking lot was run by the zoo, which was reported to the zoo. The zoo replied that the valet was an employee of the city service. And the city council replied that the valet was never an employee of city services at all.

Meanwhile, somewhere in a villa in Spain or Italy on the seashore sits a man who probably installed a turnstile and a cash register by himself and began to come every day. Collected parking fees (approximately £ 400-500 per day), taking 7 days over 25 years, he collected about £ 4 million. And nobody even knows his name!

P.S. This story was first published in the Evening Post in an April Fools' Day issue, presumably 2007. After that, she came to many Internet users in mass spam emails in 2007, 2009 and 2012. It also quickly spread around the world through websites. By the way, after a call from vigilant citizens, police officers came to Bristol Zoo several times to investigate the fraud case. In the end, the administration of the zoo got tired of it and they posted in the "Evening Post" a refutation of the story, mentioning that the zoo owns several parking lots, there are many valets, and buses are generally prohibited to park.