Sand is pouring - history and origins of the phrase

We have long been using and hearing the sarcastic expression “sand is pouring from you” in our everyday life, knowing full well that we are talking about old age. And this phrase has become so familiar that it does not even occur to us to think about where it came from, or it does not come to mind, but very slowly and somehow, perhaps even suddenly. But each such expression that has come into common use has its own, sometimes very interesting, prehistory ...

The most dynamically developing spheres of life in the whole world have always been considered two necessary human needs: food and clothing. It was in these two directions that you could always create your own unique style. When this style became popular, and more and more people wanted to adhere to it, it was already Fashion. Unfortunately, fashion has always had a limited time period, interacting with other areas of culture and the identity of society, but it has always left its intricate imprint in the history of mankind, at least in such phrases.

The roots of this particular expression originate in Europe, in the 16th century. It was a time of harsh reforms and the reign of the Spanish Inquisition. However, even in those difficult times, fashion challenged the church and society.

So, in France, such an accessory of clothing as "codpiece" (from the Dutch word gulp - a trouser pocket or a pouch, where "manhood" was put) is being developed and decorated in every possible way. It was not just a new trend in fashion, it was a kind of challenge to the Pope himself, whose Inquisition dared to encroach on the most vulnerable part of a man's body. And the further, the more the male organ was cultivated, forcing the hearts of the court ladies to beat faster when looking at this wonderful bag for the phallus.

The codpiece was sewn from such expensive fabrics as velvet and silk, embroidered with gold threads and decorated with pearls. Men of that time competed with each other, attracting and luring admiring female attention. The old ladies' men also did not want to miss this great opportunity, and in order to seem, so to speak, "I have a hoo" and "I am still very much even as I can", they put additional sandbags in their cogs.

But, for example, in a dance or with another strong movement, and perhaps even after some time of use, such a bag could easily break, leaving behind its owner a path of spilled sand. After such a poor fellow, the phrase sounded: "sand is already pouring out of him, but he still cannot calm down", which has become fundamental to today's familiar expression.