Do what you must and come what may

I think each of you has heard these words at least once in your life. Despite the simplicity of this phrase, it contains great wisdom and deep meaning. This principle is universal and can be applied in all cases of life, especially when you do not dare to take the first step in something or are simply afraid to radically change your life.

Do you know who said "Do what you must and come what may!" The first to utter this phrase was the ancient Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. More precisely, his phrase sounded like this: "Do what you must and it will happen, what is destined."

The modern form of this aphorism comes from ... you will not believe from the motto of one of the degrees of the Masonic order. He is called the Knight Kadosh.

Fais ce que dois, advienne, que pourra - Do what you must, and be what will be.

Since the time of Marcus Aurelius, this phrase went to the people and spread throughout the world, it was adopted by the masons, Kant spoke about it, Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy loved to repeat it, and thousands of ordinary people have changed something in their lives thanks to this aphorism. Perhaps the moment will come when you will need to make a difficult choice, and then you can say to yourself "do what you must and come what may!" and you will succeed.