Case tobacco

The expression business tobacco means a hopeless, hopeless situation or situation. The matter of tobacco means - everything is very bad, but why is the word tobacco associated with the word bad? Is it because smoking is harmful? Drinking is also harmful, but there is no expression - it's vodka!

According to one of the versions the case tobacco is connected with the expression for tobacco!, which was used by the Volga barge haulers to indicate that the water, when crossing the river ford, reaches a tobacco pouch tied under the neck. Under tobacco meant - the water is so high that it reaches the throat and threatens to soak the tobacco, which was deliberately tied under the very neck. And life is not nice without tobacco.

Tebbah in Iranian means something bad, unsuitable, dubious. Perhaps it "migrated" into the Russian language in the course of trade. It is likely that it was heard by the Russians and began to be pronounced in their own way.

At the time of Peter I, shopkeepers were obliged to trade in tobacco, while the price was fixed, respectively, the profit was minimal, or even at a loss they traded. It turned out that it was tobacco.

There is also another version. Orthodox Old Believers had a very negative attitude towards tobacco, and therefore they spoke about any questionable deed or action.

Perhaps the phraseological unit appeared much later. And the meaning of the phrase is that you need to pause in work. That is, in modern terms, "take a smoke break."