Hard to pronounce phrases

It is known for certain that the ancient Greek orator Demosthenes, who was born with speech defects and a weak voice, conquered these shortcomings with perseverance and energy. He learned to pronounce words clearly, picking shards and pebbles in his mouth, making speeches on the seashore. Due to the fact that the pebbles, being in the mouth, made it difficult to speak clearly, in order to pronounce something intelligible, it was necessary to try very hard to speak as loudly and clearly as possible. But when there were no more stones in the mouth, the habit of speaking clearly and loudly remained.

It is not hygienic to put dirty stones in your mouth, so it is better to train your speech not with foreign objects that interfere with your mouth, but with tongue twisters. Difficult phrases play the role of the same pebbles that the tongue stumbles over during pronunciation.

Using difficult to pronounce phrases for training, you can correct burr, slurry and other significant speech defects. And if you think you have good diction, then try to say this:

Karl stole corals from Klara, And Klara stole a clarinet from Karl.

Queen Clara punished heavily

Karl for stealing coral!

There is grass in the yard, firewood on the grass:

Do not chop wood on the grass of the yard;

Will not hold the yard of firewood -

It's time to kick out the firewood.

Either Tolya is Kolya's sidekick, or Tolya's sidekick is Kolya.

If Kolya is Kolya's sidekick, then Tolya is Kolya's sidekick

Osip is hoarse, and Arkhip is osip.

hoarse Osip, and Osip Arkhip.

Osip Arkhip, and Osip hoarse.

Arkhip is hoarse, and Osip is hoarse.

When we were broke, we lazily caught burbot, You exchanged burbot for my tench.

Didn't you sweetly pray for love to me, And beckoned me into the mists of the estuary?

The cap is sewn, but not in Kolpakov style, The bell is poured, but not in the bell style.

It is necessary to re-cap the cap, re-cap.

It is necessary to re-chime the bell, re-chime.

Thirty-three ships maneuvered, maneuvered, but not fished out.

And if you want to start with something easier, then repeat "Password Eagle" or "Popcorn Bag" three times. Well, or at least once this one:

And I have no time for sickness.

Well, if you decide to show off your intellect in a circle of friends, then such difficult-to-pronounce phrases are just for you:

The chemical compound nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate hydrin is involved in plant photosynthesis.

From the point of view of commonplace erudition, not every individual is able to ignore the tendencies of paradoxical emotions.

Parascavedicatriaphobia is a fear of Friday 13th, and hippopotomymonstrosesquipedaliophobia occurs in a person who is afraid of long words :).

Eyjafjallajökull is Iceland's sixth largest glacier.

By the way, what difficult to pronounce phrases do you know?