What do they say to the person who sneezed?

In many languages, the answer to sneezing is to wish for long life or health. For example, in English the answer would be “bless you”. It is not customary to wish for anything in Japan and Korea, and the person who sneezed should ask for forgiveness. For the French, everything is much more complicated. The sneezer should be told: “à tes souhaits” (“let your desires be fulfilled / for your desires”), in case of repeated sneezing, someone can add: “à tes amours” (“for your love”), and the sneezer should say in response: "que les tiennes durent toujours", meaning "may yours last forever." If you had a chance to sneeze for the third time, a well-mannered person will remain silent, and the one who is more distant can say: "Allez mourir!" - "go die!"