Where does the word "orange" come from?

I love oranges, I love them even more than apples, and how can you compare a noble citrus fruit with some Antonovka! Meanwhile ... the name "orange" originated in the Middle Ages.

Until the 16th century, Europeans had no idea about oranges at all. Russians - even more so. Oranges don't grow here! And then the Portuguese seafarers brought these delicious orange balls from the eastern countries. And they began to trade them with neighbors. Those, of course, asked: "Where did the apples come from?" - because they haven't heard of oranges, but in shape this fruit looks like an apple. The merchants answered honestly: "Apples from China, Chinese ones!"

So it was remembered. And oranges came to Russia from Holland. In Dutch, "apple" is appel, and Chinese is sien. So the orange came out.